Home Made Chainsaw Saw Mill

Over the past few weeks I have had over 500 hits on my article on self reliance including a little bit about milling my own timber. So I thought that seeing there is so much interest in building a home made saw mill attachment for a chain saw, I ought to put up a post with some more detailed explanation, including a few dimensions and some images to help explain what I did.

It’s pretty basic unit made out of scrap steel sections that I just happened to have laying about on the day, but it works really well for what I need it to do and that is to turn logs that are too good to burn, into usable milled planks. I haven’t studied this kind of gadget at all. This is my first attempt at building one. It seems to work OK, so i haven’t got around to making another one or changing it. If I was to, I would perhaps add a bit of rubber tube over the upright centre handle, just for comfort.

Since I moved here, I have built my own house and pottery building. We made all our own floor boards and made all the windows and french doors. I also made all of the kitchen furniture to go into it, chairs, tables stools etc.

All you seem to need is a few basic tools, an inquisitive mind, some perseverance and a bit of spare time to figure things out. The saw is an old (15 years) Husqvarna  371 60 cc. and the milling bar is about 900 mm. long. The effective cut is about 600 mm.

So here are a few pictures with measurements chalked onto the bench.