This website contains articles and observations about a life of pottery making, wood firing, art, travel, gardening and the cooking of what we grow in our garden. However, This is not a food blog. We are not chefs. Just a couple of creative people who are enthusiastic gardeners and love to live an independent life.

In general, it’s about living a respectful and sustainable life of self-reliance. In a world that is full of shock horror news and disaster stories, I felt that it was important to write something positive, uplifting and creative that more reasonably represented my life.

In this exercise of self-reliance, we built our house and pottery workshop from mostly re-cycled materials, sandsock bricks and hand made mud bricks. We made our own firebricks by hand and built our own wood fired kiln from them. We live on 7 acres and have kept more than half of it as forest. We grow our own fuel to fire our kitchen stove, heat the house and pottery and fire the wood burning kilns.

We have 6Kw of Solar PV panels and this provides all our solar electricity to run our house and pottery as well as fire our electric kilns. We have installed a Tesla battery, so that we can charge our electric car with our own self generated solar electricity and drive on sunshine. AND, we still have a small excess of power to sell to the grid.

We collect a large range of local rocks that we crush and grind to make our own unique clay bodies, glazes and pigments.

We have extensive vegetable gardens and orchards that produce a great deal of our own food and we do a lot of pickling, drying and preserving of our summer excess for use later in the year.

Tragically, we were burnt out in the catastrophic bush fires here in December 2019. We have replanted the orchard with new smaller dwarf root stock varieties of fruit trees and are in the process of rebuilding our pottery workshop.

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