Small Wood Fired Kilns


Dual Fuel, Stoneware Wood Fired Kilns.

We build small portable, stoneware capable, wood fired pottery kilns. These little kilns can also be adjusted to fire to Stoneware in reduction using LP gas burners, or using wood fuel. But not at the same time. They are very easy to fire with either fuel and are such fun.

The new improved version 10. see image below. still uses the same kiln shelf setting of 375mm x 430mm as last year.

wood fired setting height = 350mm high. This gives a wood fired setting volume of 2 cu. ft. approx. or 55 litres.

Gas fired version setting shelf size is 375 x 430.   The setting height in gas mode = 600mm. This gives a setting volume of 3 cu. ft. approx. or 85 litres.

The cost of the small version 10.5 kiln is $4378 + GST 437.8 ex works. = $4815.8

In gas fired mode. No chimney and gas burners fitted. This kiln is designed to fired off 2 x 9kg. LP gas BBQ bottles.


The small kiln in Wood fired mode with chimney fitted and fire box open.


No. 11/  The volume of the new bigger version of the kiln in wood fire mode uses a kiln shelf of 450 x 450 or 18” x 18” sq. and a packing height of 430mm. or 17”.

The packing volume is almost exactly a cube of 3 cu.ft. or 85 litres. approx.

Gas fired version setting height = 700mm. using a kiln shelf of 500mm. x 450mm. This gives a packing volume of 158 litres or 5.5 cu ft.

The cost of No.11, is  $5775 + GST ex works. So it’s 50% larger, but only about 33% more expensive. = $6352

The newer, larger, iteration is made in two seperate sections. This will allow the kiln to be fired in gas mode as either a small or large kiln.

DSC02913  DSC02915

Thus allowing you to choose the kiln size to suit the amount of work that is needed to be fired. It can be both a test kiln and a small production kiln.

The test firing for this new larger version was very easy and only took me 2 1/2 hrs. to get to stoneware, cone 10 down, in reduction. I wouldn’t recommend this speed of firing as a ‘norm’, but the kiln is sufficiently powerful to achieve it.

This was an hour quicker than last years model.

If I can fire it this fast and this easily, you will be able to fire it as fast or as slow as you desire.

All kilns are made from stainless steel sheet using monocoque fabrication techniques and include a stainless steel custom-made fire grate, a kiln shelf, a thermocouple and a digital temperature indicator and are ready for work.

The additional 2 burner LP gas burner kit for both kiln types. $1600 + GST ex works.

If you find this interesting, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email. I hope that this answers your questions