NBN – Fail!

We got the new, high-speed NBN (National Broadband Network) internet connection today!
I’m so glad to be rid of the old, ultra-slow, fraudband that was supposed to be 8Mb/sec, but was delivered at 0.5 to 1.0 Mb. Fraudband indeed. We paid for broadband, but were given dial-up speeds.
However, now we have the brand spanking new NBN.
We paid for a 25 Mb/sec service contract. But when we turned it on, we found out that it is infact delivered at 5Mb/sec.
That is only 20% of the promised delivery speed! Only slightly better than the 12.5% actually delivered by the fraudband ADSL copper wire service that we are being forced to abandon.
The only good thing that I can say just now is that it is marginally faster, as well as being marginally cheaper than the service that it replaced. However we no longer have a phone line. They say that the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) will come on-line soon. Maybe tomorrow?
In the mean-time, if anyone wants to contact us. Just use the mobile or send an email. That still works!
It’s a modern world! Get with it! But don’t be like them.
When I say it’s a modern world, what I mean is that the world is full of false statements, over-promising and under-delivering. Hype, cant and empty promises. Miss-labeling, fake advertising and over-charging.
The only lesson that I can learn from all this is don’t be like them!
Be honest, do your best and if you f#@K up, fix your mistakes with a smile.