The First Ratatouille of the Summer

Ratatouille is one of those recipies that has a lot of different interpretations. It’s that time of year again, when all the necessary ingredients are all ripe together at the one time in our garden. We simply use what we have that is ripe on the day.

Today that is egg plant, capsicums, chillis, zucchini and red ripe tomatoes. I brown some of our onions and garlic that we have hanging in plaits in the kitchen and out on the verandah. Add in all the chopped ingredients, along with a small jar of tomato sugo that I bottled in the autumn. A few sprigs of sweet basil are added in and the whole lot is simmered together for a few minutes, until softened and then served. It couldn’t be easier or more immediate and wholesome. Not to mention delicious!