Earth Friendly Kiln Firing webinar

I have been invited to take part in a Zoom Webinar organised by Yuliya Makliuk In Ukraine, on Tuesday Morning Australian time.

Please see the poster attached below.

If you are interested in wood firing, or just interested in low carbon futures, then this might be for you?

Earth-Friendly Kiln Firing:
Artists Pioneering Low Carbon Ceramics

20 March 2023, 11 pm GMT, online, free upon registration

Firing is by far the most carbon-intensive stage of ceramic production. Burning all the fuel needed to heat the pots up to 1000C releases CO2, contributing to the climate crisis. Is there a way to fire our kilns more sustainably without compromising quality and aesthetics?

Join this free Zoom webinar and meet ceramic artists from the USA, Australia, and Ukraine whose innovative approach to ceramic practice is guided by compassion for the Earth and its inhabitants. Follow their personal examples and learn how potters can reduce their carbon footprint when firing electric, wood, and gas kilns.

The registration link is in the bio/first comment.

This event will feature:
Dr. Steve Harrison, Australia ‒ A ‘Dig-it-all Native’ and famous author of books about local material usage and laid-back wood firing. Steve builds his smoke-free kilns that operate on dead branches (the so-called ‘vegan wood firing’) or solar power and is known to have survived a recent massive wildfire in one of his kilns.

Denise Joyal, USA @kilnjoy ‒ An Adjunct Professor of Ceramics at Wilson College, known for her atmospheric-fired forms inspired by Neolithic Irish stone constructs. Denise examines the carbon footprint of different kiln types and has developed a universal carbon & cost calculator that she will introduce at the webinar.

Jesse Jones, USA @pleasant_hill_pottery ‒ A civil engineer and potter who runs Pleasant Hill Pottery, home to five wood-fired kilns. He has developed and refined techniques to use Waste Vegetable Oil as supplementary fuel in wood-fired kilns and shares his know-how through articles and workshops.

The event is hosted by Yuliya Makliuk, Ukraine @hereandnowpottery as part of her project ‘Saving the World as a Potter’, aimed at empowering ceramicists on their way towards sustainability. The project is sponsored by people on Patreon. Yuliya’s ‘A Greener Pottery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Sustainable Ceramic Studio Practice’ is currently available in pdf on Amazon and Etsy.

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