Burning Curiosity exhibition opens this weekend

The Burning Curiosity Exhibition opens this weekend at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong.

I am in this group show with both Sandy Lockwood and Megan Patey. This is my first show of work that I have made in the new re-built pottery studio.

Not too surprisingly, My work in this show is all about my experience of the fire and my recovery from it.

I have a few pieces of blue and white sericite porcelain in the show. These are my first experiments in blue and white in this new workshop. I have experimented with a few different recipes of home made ‘smalt-like’, cobalt based pigments. This homemade pigment is related to the Japanese ‘goshu’, or natural ‘absolute’ or ‘wad’ based mineral pigments. I have developed 5 different recipes that provide me with different intensities of blue. It’s not too sophisticated as yet, but it is a good start and just one step on the long path to a more sophisticated result.

Everything worth doing takes time.

Nothing is ever finished, nothing is perfect and nothing lasts.

The show opens tomorrow on Sunday 24th of July and runs until the 11th of September at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong.