The First Week of Summer – Salad Days

We have just finished our first week of summer. Wow! bush fires and heat waves. What a way to start. Of course it’s not the earliest that we have had bushfires here with the new weather pattern of global warming bringing on regime of 9 months of summer. We have had a bush fire here in our village a few years back in October 2013. That is so early in the season for a wild-fire. So this is our new life, we think that we are prepared. We have done what we can.

I heard on the news that they had 47oC in the north. How can you live with that? I’m sure that it would kill off our vegetable garden. I have been constantly sowing and re-sowing successive plantings of salad greens so that we can always have a few green leaves in our salads. We have planted several types of rocket this year; normal, narrow leaf, broad leaf, red leaf and wasabi rockets varieties. These along with 3 varieties of radishes, Japanese Mizuma greens, baby spinach, shiso, and 3 types of lettuces. it makes for an interesting variety of salads.

IMG_3513 IMG_3514

IMG_3515 IMG_3516

IMG_3518 IMG_3519IMG_3520