The First of This Years Little Wood Fired Kilns Goes Out the door

I have been busy working away at the first batch of little portable wood fired kiln for this year. I had too many to fit in the workshop in one go, so divided them into 2 batches. The first batch of 6 is almost finished. I had to finish one in a hurry to catch the boat to Tasmania last week.

IMG_0668 IMG_0671

The rest of the little ‘Daleks’ are calling out “incinerate, incinerate!” But they are toothless, as I haven’t welded the stainless steel fire-box grates or made the burners as yet, so we are all still safe. They still need another weeks work on them to fit out all the additional features, but he main body of each of them is complete.

IMG_0721If you are one of the dozen people who contacted me and asked to be on my build list for this year. This is where I am up to. I will be contacting the first 6 customers who have paid their deposits in the next week or so.