Tomatoes and Stale Bread

We recently had a lot of people here for our house concert. After we cleared up the next day, we found that we had a lot of food left over. We found that we had a half loaf of Italian bread. We decided that we would have a lunch of tomato on toast.

I pan fried the bread in a little olive oil with garlic and chilli. Then a slice of ham, sliced fresh, ripe garden warm tomatoes and cucumber, a few fresh torn basil leaves, plus a little fake salt and real pepper . WOW! delicious.

img_4558 img_4559

With what was left over, I cubed it and toasted it in the oven, so as to make a tomato and crouton salad. The roasted croutons were mixed with oil and balsamic vinegar dressing and then finely sliced red onions from the garden, with chilli, capsicum, and lastly big chunks of tomatoes. all tossed together with the seasoning s of your choice.

The croutons become softened on the outside with the tangy oil and vinegar, while remaining crunchy on the inside. This with the fresh fruity aromas of the herbs and tomatoes. It makes a great salad. So summery!

img_4577 img_4581