Mussels for lunch

I have managed to get into the pottery briefly. In between building all the new sheds that we need and organising the weekend wood firing workshops. I want to have my own firing in-between the winter wood firing workshops, if I can.


The fish-truck man has some nice fresh mussels, so that is what we will have tonight. We have everything else in the vegetable garden or the pantry. I don’t attempt anything weird or out-there. Mussels in white wine and tomato sauce. Simple.


IMG_3961 IMG_3962 IMG_3963

Onions, garlic and chilli in olive oil. White wine, mussels and tomato passata. A few minutes on high heat. Presto!

It’s so delicious, quick and simple. We have no trouble in finishing off a kilo of mussels between us. It’s a fantastic, warming and fortifying lunch to get us back out there  in the cold and miserable weather to get everything ready for the weekend workshop.

IMG_3968 IMG_3969

Before and After.