Pugging our Way Through Life

There is nothing quite so meaningless than pugging badly de-aired clay through a 4″ Venco with poorly fitted or leaky seals.
No matter how many times we re-pug it doesn’t get any better.
It is a beautifully rewarding example of futility, Sisyphus tried to tell me.
I’ve rolled a few stones up a hill or two, but I usually end up crushing them into glaze powder.
Preparing clay can fill our meaningless days in an endless cycle of pugging and re-pugging.
I’d better fix that seal.
But how can I fix that seal when there is so much pugging to do?
Pirsig tried to tell me in Zen and the Art of Venco Maintenance.
Still, everyday comes to an end.
Nothing lasts.
Nothing is ever finished.
Nothing is perfect.

The Gautama tried to tell me.
The Lovely is busy washing up. Washing-up like clay prep never ends, there is always more
The Lovely One tried to tell me.
Is this my beautiful wife?
Is this my beautiful House?
How did I get here?
Even Brian Eno and David Byrne tried to tell me!
Same as it ever was.