New Solar PV and Battery

This week we installed another 10.5 kW of solar PV on the roof of the big shed. This roof is 16 metres long and faces due north at an angle of 22 degrees. Pretty much perfect for good solar PV generation.

We already have 6kW of existing PV on the garage roof , installed soon after the fire to get us started again.

While we were at it we also decided to add a 2nd Tesla PowerWall battery, as we were offered it at a very good price.

This extra capacity now allows us to fire the new(2nd hand) bigger electric kiln off our own stored and active solar PV.

As time and finances allow, we are slowly and steadily moving to extricate ourselves from the fossil fuel economy. From now on we can do all our firing on either our own solar electricity or wood from our own little bit of burnt out native forest.