Exterminate! Exterminate!

I walk down to the kiln factory and see a posse of Dalek like wood kilns all ready to surround me on their little wheels and steam punk chimneys. After all I am The Doctor!

My first job of the year is almost complete. These kilns are almost ready, just a few minor finishing touches and internal fit-out to do, then a sweep, clean and polish. I hope to have my tardis small sized workshop back to begin the next job.

img_4784  img_4788

I have had one of my customers down to do the first firing of these new dual-fuel models. It went well. We fired to cone 10 down in 2 hours, with a temperature distribution of cone 8 to 10. All very good. We used 2/3 of a 9 kg BBQ bottle of gas. At $20 to $25 per bottle, depending on where you buy it. That’s a $16 firing to stoneware in reduction. I’m very happy with that.

A very nice little project


The kiln works out to be 130 litres volume with gas and 90 litres in wood fired mode.